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The Line that we aim to Hold is a Thin Blue one.

The Hold the Line Charity Foundation started in August 2018 to raise money and honor Sgt. Chesna and Ms. Adams. The charity hockey game consisted of the Weymouth Police Department vs. the Weymouth Fire Department. Both teams were made up with police and firemen from both towns along with some special guest NHL players.
The Line that we aim to Hold is a Thin Blue one and it represents the courageous men and women who separate us and our families in the public from the danger and chaos that exists on the other side of that line. Their selflessness and dedication to duty is what makes our lives possible and we strive to show our most sincere gratitude to those brave individuals and their families. 
The Hold the Line fund is committed to giving back to first responders in our communities and their families. These are the brave men and women who answer the call, day in and day out, to keep our local communities safe. All too often, these heroes make the ultimate sacrifice because they made a choice to look danger directly in the face and tackle it head on to ensure the safety of the general public. At Hold the Line, we recognize these selfless heroes by gathering our local communities in the form of an annual hockey game, that features any NHL players, to raise funds to give back to local heroes & their families.

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